In SharePoint when I call the listdata.svc/UserInformationList, can someone help me understand Account versus Name?

<content type="application/xml">
    <d:Id m:type="Edm.Int32">1</d:Id>
    <d:Modified m:type="Edm.DateTime">2015-04-30T16:50:53</d:Modified>
    <d:Created m:type="Edm.DateTime">2015-04-30T16:50:53</d:Created>
    <d:CreatedById m:type="Edm.Int32">1073741823</d:CreatedById>
    <d:ModifiedById m:type="Edm.Int32">1073741823</d:ModifiedById>
    <d:Owshiddenversion m:type="Edm.Int32">1</d:Owshiddenversion>
    <d:EMail m:null="true" />
    <d:MobileNumber m:null="true" />
    <d:AboutMe m:null="true" />
    <d:SIPAddress m:null="true" />
    <d:IsSiteAdmin m:type="Edm.Boolean">true</d:IsSiteAdmin>
    <d:Deleted m:type="Edm.Boolean">false</d:Deleted>
    <d:Hidden m:type="Edm.Boolean">false</d:Hidden>
    <d:Picture m:null="true" />
    <d:Department m:null="true" />
    <d:JobTitle m:null="true" />

What is the difference between the two?

In the account xml <d:Account>i:0#.w|TESTDOMAIN\administrator</d:Account> what does the i:0#.w mean?

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The prefix i:0#.w| before the username is to identify the type of authentication.

i : for an identity claim, otherwise it will be 'c'

# : for user logon name otherwise it will be $ : email address otherwise it will be % : Farm ID

w : for windows authentication OR f : form based authentication.

For details please take a look in below images,

Image 1 :

enter image description here

Image 2 :

enter image description here



Name is for Display Name actually, so if you sync your user details from a directory, the <d:Name>TESTDOMAIN\administrator</d:Name> is likely to be replaced by <d:Name>Actual Full Name</d:Name>, while Account will remain unchanged.

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