I created a folder in a SharePoint Online library.

Add-SPOFolder -Name NewFolder -Folder _catalogs/new

This works fine. But how can I give Full control permissions for a user on this folder?

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Try to use CSOM via PowerShell to can create a Folder and assign a user permission as the following :

  • Specify the user.
$usr = $Web.EnsureUser('i:0#.f|membership|'+$email)
    Write-Host $usrRole.Description
  • Define the Full control Role
$role = $web.RoleDefinitions.GetByName('Full Control')
$usrRole = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.RoleDefinitionBindingCollection($clientContext)
  • Break Inheritance, and assign the permission
$folder.ListItemAllFields.BreakRoleInheritance($false, $true)
$clientContext.Load($folder.ListItemAllFields.RoleAssignments.Add($usr, $usrRole))

Check the bundle script at SharePoint Online CSOM PowerShell Script to create folders and add permissions

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