I'm looking for a way to create SP.CHANETOKEN without using MSFT Sharepoint libraries (dlls) Suppose I have the following information available. How can I use the Site ID, and the Time to obtain a changetoken value?

{u'WebId': u'efb506c9-761e-4178-ac03-4903a358e2a6', u'ListId': u'799bdaf0-5e11-40c6-a933-0d335025995f', u'SiteId': u'190b1248-8c70-4279-a638-842065663333', u'Time': u'2016-09-15T09:01:19Z'}

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Changetoken is a semicolon delimited string, and takes the following parameters in the order listed:

  • Version number.
  • The change scope (0 - Content Database, 1 - site collection, 2 - site, 3 - list).
  • GUID of the item the scope applies to (for example, GUID of the list). In my case it was efb506c9-761e-4178-ac03-4903a358e2a6 because I was trying to get changes on the WEB level.
  • Time (in UTC) from when changes occurred. This one is a bit tricky, you'll need to provide the ticks count since .NET minvalue.
  • Change item on the ChangeToken (you may provide a default value for this > -1)

Sample change token


Following links explain it with sample code.



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