I am unable to find option to approve/reject task in the task list where task is created from SharePoint workflow 2013. I have Found Require content approval for submitted items this only. and with this approval task cannot go on next level of task approval. What I want: Same as SharePoint workflow 2010 enter image description here

I want in SharePoint workflow 2013.

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I find another way to approve SharePoint 2013 task to approve. First click on task and then edit it.

enter image description here

After that you will have approval window.

enter image description here


Unfortunately, the Content Approval Process is no longer exist in SharePoint Designer 2013 with SharePoint 2013 workflow platform,

This is due to the Workflow form changed from InfoPath form to ASPX form, For more details check SharePoint Designer section at SharePoint Server 2013 known issues

But , I have one suggestion for you, you can combine the SharePoint 2010 workflow with SharePoint 2013 workflow as the following:

  • Create A SharePoint 2010 approval workflow that contains the content approval task form .
  • At your SharePoint 2013 workflow,Instead of creating Start Task Process at SharePoint 2013 Workflow action , try to add an action that is Start a List workflow at this list on the current item .

enter image description here

For more details check How to trigger a SharePoint 2010 workflow from a SharePoint 2013 workflow

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