This is probably a v. dumb question but I'm new and I'm trying to understand if something is possible: I would like to link to files which are outside the sharepoint document root. Is it possible to do so by changing the syntax of what I write in the "URL" box - see image?

Currently, in the URL box I'm putting //myServer1/Data/shareFolder.

But the link that gets applied is https://intranet.my.org/projects///myServer1/Data/shareFolder which definitely does not work.

UPDATE: These hyperlinks are presented on an EDMS "intranet" with webpages for different groups within our organization. The reason I want to link to folders outside of sharepoint/EDMS is because some files are spatial GIS format files (which we don't store on the sharepoint).

enter image description here

If this is possible but by other means (i.e. not via the URL input as per above) or if I'm using the wrong language, I would appreciate any relevant links.


yes you can, but putting files from let's say googledocs defies the Whole point of SharePoint. Also you need to deal with the permissions in the other native source.

I believe you have more luck creating the hyperlink from scratch via the navigation in SITE SETTINGS - navigation, if as i seem to understand that screen is from the quick launch

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  • That's where I went - however there is still a root (intranet.my.org/projects) that gets prefixed to my link, and I don't know where to remove that root. – val Sep 14 '16 at 20:19
  • If you use the 'heading' type of link yes, if you use the 'link' type of link, you can add google,com – susan Sep 15 '16 at 13:27

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