How can I apply a friendly-url to the default sub-site url?

(ie: http://site/subsite/)

I am able to apply a friendly-url to the sub-site default page.

(ie: http://site/subsite/default.aspx)

I have a managed navigation using terms and friendly-urls. These terms are linking to a sub-site homepage or default page.

However, the sub-site default URL does not function the same as the default.aspx page.

Also search results display the default URL not the friendly URL. NOTE: I have turned on "Hide Physical URL" on the default.aspx pages.

The global navigation is:

  • Teams | Forms | Resources | Manuals | Contacts

The Department term-set is:

  • Departments > Teams > Team A (sub-site)
  • Departments > Teams > Team B (sub-site)
  • Departments > Teams > Team C (sub-site)

The physical pages are:

The friendly-urls are:

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It came to me two possible solution:

1) Use the re-write module in IIS and use regular expression.

2) If you are able to configure the reverse proxy , for example Netscaler, APPExpert, edit the responder policy and action under and the bind to the Content swicth Virtual server.

NOTE: There is a chance that you might mix both of them

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