How to change Document template from word template to Web Part Page in doc library ?



What I understand from you. you need to set the default new document file to be web part page Template instead of Word Template

If this what you need follow these steps :

  • Create a new dummy document library with your selected template Web part Page

enter image description here

  • From the above ribbon of document library > Select Open with explorer.
  • Copy the file with name _webpartpage.htm
  • Go back to your main document library > Select Open with explorer > paste this file _webpartpage.htm
  • Now go back to the main document library list setting > advanced setting > then set the Template URL to your_docuemnt_library_name/Forms/_webpartpage.htm
  • Go back to add a new document from the ribbon. that should be listed as the following

enter image description here

  • Delete the dummy document library that you created before.

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