In Business Data Category, chart web part is not available.How to create chart view for the existing list


It seems that ChartWebPart & ChartViewWebPart are not populated in webpart gallery. Follow below steps

  1. Go to site setting. (Site collection)
  2. Click on Web parts under Web Designer Galleries.
  3. On Files tab in ribbon, Click on New Document.
  4. Find 'ChartWebPart' and 'ChartViewWebPart' and select their check-boxes.
  5. Go up and click on 'Populate Gallery' button.

Now ChartWebPart & ChartViewWebPart will available under miscellaneous category.


You should enable the "SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection features" at the site collection level.

You can find the "Site collection feature" management link on the

  • Site Actions >
  • Site Settings page under the section "Site Collection Administration".

There is a Gantt-chart type view available as part of the 'Tasks' app. You would therefore need to create a new list in that app.

  • Go to your Site contents.
  • 'Add an app', select 'Tasks'. Develop your app content.
  • Then when you go to the page you want to have a chart view on, you will find your tasks app under 'Insert / Web part / Apps'.

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