I am running SharePoint 2016 on premise. My company is using this as the website engine. I have designed the website and all, but I realize that trying to browse to the website from an external browser always prompts me to login.

What settings do I have to change to make this website accessible to anonymous visitors? I have fiddled with some settings like the Anonymous Access rights, but to no avail.

Thanks in advance.

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You have two steps to allow anonymous Access to your SharePoint Site

  • At Central Administration > Manage web applications > Select your web application > from the above ribbon select authentication provider > Click on Default > Check Enable anonymous access

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  • At your site Collection > Site Settings > Users and Permissions > Site Permission > at the above ribbon > select anonymes aceess > Select Entire Web Site
  • Thanks for you advice thus far. I am curious though...is there anything else that I need to do. I have done all that you prescribed and still have to login when I attempt to browse to the site from an external resource. Do I need to modify Windows Authentication or Forms Based Authentication options? Sep 14, 2016 at 14:38
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    Dear @trevoirwilliams , first Make sure that master page and layout and image files are checked in and published as a major version , also use fiddler to trace that infragistics.com/community/blogs/anton_staykov/archive/2010/08/… , also you can send to me the URL of your site to check it from my side as anonymous user , please don't hesitate to tell me if you need more clarification , Sep 14, 2016 at 22:02
  • Thanks for the offer. Challenge with allowing you to test it is that it is currently not published for access via the internet. I will test it with fiddler and try to ascertain the fallacies accordingly. I will let you know my findings. Sep 15, 2016 at 14:42

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