We are trying to customize a 'new' form with InfoPath so that our query string value (idPatient) is automatically filled in into the External Item Picker (BDC entity).

In InfoPath, we have set up the following:

enter image description here

A field idPatient linked to the idPatient property. An External Item Picker linked to the BDC Entity Patients.

We have promoted property idPatient so we can connect a Query String filter webpart on our page to this property.

If we go to our form, e.g. /newifs.aspx?idPatient=123, we get following result:

Form with filled in idPatient

As you can see, in the first field, the value is loaded perfectly. However, in the External Item Picker, we don't find a way to get the id inserted.

We tried to add the group as a promoted property, but we get an error message that 'Groups are not supported as Web Part connection parameters'.

Is there any way to get our query string value in our Exteral Item Picker?

PS: the External Item Picker works as intended when manually filling in an id

Thanks in advance!


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