I have made SharePoint 2013 Web Application content database backup.

Now I'm working on to restore content database into SharePoint 2016 farm.

please guide me with some steps..


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  • In SharePoint 2016 > Create A new web application.
  • Then Create a new site collection.
  • Go back to Application Management > Manage Content database.
  • Click on Content Database name > Check Remove Content Database > OK.
  • Or use Dismount-SPContentDatabase "<ContentdBName>"
  • Open SQL Management Studio.
  • Restore your database.
  • then run the following Mount-SPContentDatabase "<ContentDb>" -DatabaseServer "<DbServer>" -WebApplication http://SiteName

For more details check Restore / Migrate a SharePoint Web Application to another farm from SQL Database Backup

If you need to perform full upgrade process , Check also Create the SharePoint Server 2016 farm for a database attach upgrade


In that case

  • make sure your sharepoint farm is min sp1 or higher level.
  • if you have any customization in 2013 which need for sites collection in that db then must apply in 2016.
  • you need to restore the content db to 2016 farm
  • once restore completed then mount the database to 2016 web app by this Mount-SPContentDatabase -Name DatabaseName -DatabaseServer ServerName -WebApplication URLe you can use skip upgrade parameter if you don't want to upgrade. You can do it later
  • now test ur upgrade

This is really good technet article: Upgrade content databases to SharePoint Server 2016

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