I have created a subsite and imported a list, from the original site, and inserted it as a web part.

Is it possible to modify this web part view so I can only show items that has the same name as the subsite?

For example: The subsite name is Test 23. In that list web part, there are items from Test 1 to Test 50. I want to show only item Test 23 (that is the subsite name).

How can I do that? Any idea?


PS: I have several subsites. It is virtually impossible to change manually every web part. My idea is to create a subsite model with that configuration.

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As I understand , you have a list with a column contains subsite name , so you can use filter at view

  • Go to your list
  • Modify view from the above ribbon.

enter image description here

  • At filter , Select you column equal to Test 23

enter image description here


I agree with you to create a site template , and when you create a subsite you can run the following script at your list to create a filter using PowerShell Script.

$web = Get-SPWeb -Identity "http://RootSite/subsite"
$list = $web.GetList("http://RootSite/subsite/Lists/YourList")
$query = "<Where><Eq><FieldRef Name='subsite' /><Value Type='Text'>Test 23</Value></Eq></Where>"    
$view = $list.DefaultView;
$view.Query = $query

You can also do foreach for all lists if you are sure this field already exists at all Site List


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