Where I can find a list of all the Web Parts, Features and Content Types that are available to a regular SharePoint installation?

What I need to do is identify any of the above in a SharePoint site that are not part of the standard Microsoft family that pack with SharePoint- as far as I can tell the most reliable way to do this is by comparison with a white list of all the ones that are available by default. Reflecting the object model gives a list of the ones that are installed on any given site, but I'm reluctant to try and install/use every possible member of each of those categories on one site if I can avoid it.

It seems quite likely to me that this data is around somewhere, but it's quite hard to search for because I'm looking for a list and SharePoint is largely built around lists so I've been unable to find search terms that don't return thousands of irrelevant results.


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Here's a list of the web parts MOSS has out of the box...

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    Thanks! "Out Of The Box" being the critical search term here. Clearly I wasn't thinking outside the box...
    – glenatron
    Sep 17, 2008 at 9:43
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I've found the following list of feature names by running Dir /B on the SharePoint TEMPLATES\FEATURES directory, which appears to be a cheeky yet effective solution:

AddDashboard, AdminLinks, Analytics, AnalyticsLinks, AnnouncementsList, BaseSite, BaseSiteStapling, BaseWeb, BaseWebApplication, BasicWebParts, BDCAdminUILinks, BDR, BizAppsCTypes, BizAppsFields, BizAppsListTemplates, BizAppsSiteTemplates, BulkWorkflow, BulkWorkflowTimerJob, ContactsList, ContentLightup, ContentTypeSettings, ctypes, CustomList, DataConnectionLibrary, DataConnectionLibraryStapling, DataSourceLibrary, DeploymentLinks, DiscussionsList, DMContentTy, eSettings, DocumentLibrary, EawfSite, EawfWeb, EnhancedHtmlEditing, EventsList, ExcelServer, ExcelServerSite, ExcelServerWebApplication, ExpirationWorkflow, featurenames.txt, FeaturePushdown, FeaturePushdownTask, fields, GanttTasksList, GlobalWebParts, GradualUpgrade, GridList, Hold, ipfsAdminLinks, IPFSAdminWeb, IPFSSiteFeatures, IPFSWebFeatures, IssuesList, IssueTrackingWorkflow, LegacyDocumentLibrary, LinksList, ListTargeting, LocalSiteDirectoryControl, LocalSiteDirectoryMetaData, LocalSiteDirectorySettingsLink, MasterSiteDirectoryControl, MigrationLinks, MobilityRedirect, MySite, MySiteBlog, MySiteCleanup, MySiteHost, MySiteLayouts, MySiteNavigation, MySiteQuickLaunch, Navigation, NavigationProperties, NoCodeWorkflowLibrary, OffWFCommon, OSearchBasicFeature, OSearchCenralAdminLinks, OSearchEnhancedFeature, OSearchPortalAdminLinks, OSearchSRPAdminLinks, OsrvLinks, OsrvTasks, OssNavigation, OSSSearchSearchCenterUrlFeature, OSSSearchSearchCenterUrlSiteFeature, PageConverters, PictureLibrary, PortalLayouts, PremiumSite, PremiumSiteStapling, PremiumWeb, PremiumWebApplication, ProfileSynch, Publishing, PublishingB2TRHop2SiteFilesUpgrade, PublishingB2TRSiteFilesUpgrade, PublishingLayouts, PublishingPrerequisites, PublishingResources, PublishingSite, PublishingStapling, PublishingWeb, RecordsManagement, RedirectPageContentTypeBinding, RelatedLinksScopeSettingsLink, ReportCenterCreation, ReportCenterSampleData, Reporting, ReportListTemplate, ReviewWorkflows, SearchAndProcess, SearchWebParts, SharedServices, SignaturesWorkflow, SiteSettings, SitesList, SkuUpgradeLinks, SlideLibrary, SlideLibraryActivation, SpellChecking, SPSDisco, SPSearchFeature, SpsSsoLinks, SRPProfileAdmin, StapledWorkflows, SurveysList, TasksList, TeamCollab, TranslationWorkflow, TransMgmtFunc, TransMgmtLib, UpgradeOnlyFile, UserMigrator, ViewFormPagesLockDown, WebPageLibrary, WebPartAdderGroups, WikiWelcome, WorkflowHistoryList, WorkflowProcessList, XmlFormLibrary,

I'm not certain that is all of them, or that all of those are the feature names I will find in the SharePoint library, but it's a start.


this is a better source of information;

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    What you have done there is totally not understand the question. In Sharepoint there is a type of object that can be added to a site, which in their infinite wisdom Microsoft chose to call a "Feature" - I was looking for a list of these.
    – glenatron
    Sep 14, 2011 at 11:59

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