I am using SharePoint Designer 2013 for a SharePoint 365 site, and am using the built-in SP2010 'Update item in ' workflow to updates an item in List A to the same item in List B.

This workflow was working perfectly until, today, I received the below error.

(0, 0) Activity 'ID1690' validation failed: Path resolved to Referenced activity Property 'ReturnValue' whose PropertyType 'System.Double' does not match with the Target Type 'System.String'.)

Note that the ID error has also appeared as 'ID1548' but the details are the same.

From what I gather, one of the columns in List A and List B don't match up from a data type perspective (i.e. float/long vs. string) but I have check all of my columns/fields and nothing has helped.

At the very least, how can I check which columns have a data type of System.Double?

Let me know if you need more details.

Thanks, Nick


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I figured it out. The ID field used to identify the item between List A and List B had different formats between the two lists. After refreshing SP Designer, the workflow worked again.

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