I want to create a Custom Data Source control which can be used to bind any data bindable control in SharePoint e.g. DVWP etc. No, I am not looking for custom navigation source :) What I have done so far is to

  1. Inherit from DataSourceControl, implement ExecuteScalar and return IEnumerable
  2. GACed it, register to SharePoint Page.
  3. Connected a DVWP from Code view as my data source control was not available in SharePoint DataSources pane.
  4. Worked perfectly and data was displayed. Now, I want to pass parameters collection similar to SelectParameters in SPDataSource but SharePoint Designer is not displaying my ParametersCollection property even though it is declared public.

Does any body know, how to create a SharePoint DataSource control which can be displayed in DataSources Pane, can have Parameters Collection like other data source controls?

I am using WSS 3.0 (yes, I am in stone age still...)

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