I have developed my way into a corner and need help. I know a lot about SharePoint but just started using InfoPath 2013. I began working on a InfoPath filler form (needing the InfoPath client). I built this with the thought that I would be able to publish it to SharePoint and create a new custom list based on the forms schema. I am coming to find out that I may have ran down the wrong path.

What I am looking for is conformation of my error or a way to build a list based on my beautiful form.

The other related question is can I use a filler form with a SharePoint list?

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Form filler forms are associated with Form Libraries in SharePoint, not lists. You haven't backed yourself into a corner too far, in general:

  • Create a new form library in your SharePoint site.
  • Create any fields required for metadata purposes.
  • In your form, tell it to submit to your newly created library.

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