I need Html code to display the user profile picture next to welcome name,I followed this tutorial showing-current-logged-in-users-profile-picture-next-to-welcome-menu-in-sharepoint-2013 .It's Not working in HTML master page. I used as


<!–SPM: –>

Giving parse error as control not found. Please help me.


Based on the tutorial , you should add the following code at Master Page file rather than HTML file. and try to use " rather than as the following

<%@Register Tagprefix="SPSWC" Namespace="Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.WebControls" Assembly="Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c" %>

add this

<SPSWC:ProfilePropertyLoader runat="server" />

<SPSWC:ProfilePropertyImage PropertyName="PictureUrl" style="float: left; height: 20px;" ShowPlaceholder="true" id="PictureUrlImage" runat="server"/>

Note: Don't forget to take a backup before modifying the Master Page

  • I can't save my master page file by Using SharePoint designer,Its better if I get a Html Code for that @Qassas – Debugger Sep 14 '16 at 7:38
  • do you have checked-out master page file > then right click on it select edit file in advanced mode ? now you can edit and save your master page file , also don't forget to take a backup – Mohamed El-Qassas MVP Sep 14 '16 at 10:47
  • I checked out the master page file,while saving the file i got this server error: This file may not be moved or renamed or deleted or otherwise edited @Qassas – Debugger Sep 14 '16 at 13:30
  • 1
    Dear @SuriyaadevanBalu check this for your new issue techmikael.com/2013/02/issue-with-creating-copy-of.html , please tell me the result – Mohamed El-Qassas MVP Sep 14 '16 at 21:53
  • Qassas I need to Show to the user profile picture from profile property without using my sites? Is it possible to change the above properties @Qassas – Debugger Sep 19 '16 at 5:22

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