Anyone knows why some of the the IIS log records of the SharePoint 2013 WFEs contain client computers' names in the cs-username field?

Aren't all connections supposed to be established together with user name information?

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Please check the field sc-status. IIS can only log the username if users are authenticated. You should see a username, if you have sc-status 200. You will very often see sc-status 401 which means "unauthenticated". This line will only have an IP-Address or the hostname in cs-username. Please note that 401 lines do not indicate any kind of error, they are a normal behavior in NTLM/Kerberos authentication.

You could also have anonymous access enabled on your WebApplication. You can check this in Central Administration -> Application Management -> Manage web applications -> mark your WebApplication -> Authentication Providers -> Default (normally) -> "Enable anonymous access".

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