I'm creating a new subsite from a template I've imported from another site. It won't import as I get the message below. How do i solve this problem?

Feature Description Feature Scope Feature ID Problem PSWApproval Feature Site collection ad739f9e-1525-4dec-a25e-10821ca70c95 Not activated PWAWebParts Feature Site collection 10eb8dad-31aa-4461-9843-27305d0c7c93 Not activated PwaIdeaList Feature Site collection ce0143de-6894-428b-9f6b-37bd6848ec26 Not activated



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You have created a template from a site in a site collection that uses project server features. The site collection where you used the template does not have the features enabled.

Enable them in the site collection where you would like to use the template and your template should work, but you should consider if it's a good idea to enable those features in the specific site collection.

What you could do is to create a new site collection, enable the project server features there, and then restore your template there or create a subsite. Then you can deactivate the project feature and create a new template. Now the template won't require the features above and it should work in your first site collection.

Creating a subsite through Template gave me an error

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