I'm playing around with SharePoint 2013 Enterprise, and I have found two interesting buttons:

SharePoint 2013 licensing buttons

Some people told me, that if I deactivate those features I won't need CAL licences at all (same as Foundation, just have to pay for Enterprise Key), as those CALs are required for Standard and Enterprise features. I don't need any Standard feature, but I'm looking for official confirmation to correctly license my production environment before deployment. Can someone provide me a link to a licensing document where I can find official Microsoft position on this?

Thank you

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That is not true! If you have installed Standard or Enterprise you have installed Standard or Enterprise and you have to pay for Standard or Enterprise; Server license and CAL.

What you can do however is to limit the licenses on the CAL site using the *-SPUserLicensing cmdlets.

Here's an example of usage and some notes about usage

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