I am trying to develop a simple form using the new SharePoint Framework. The form requires PeoplePicker and TaxonomyPicker controls. I couldn't find any documentation on how to use these with the new framework?

  • Are you referring to the standard SharePoint PeoplePicker and TaxonomyPicker controls you would use for example in a Page Layout or a server-side Web Part? – Waldek Mastykarz - MVP Sep 5 '16 at 11:21
  • Also - related to Waldek's question - What form tech are you using, and how does it relate to SPFx? (We plan on doing work in this area, but I'm not aware of anything released to date) – PatMill_MSFT Sep 6 '16 at 21:10
  • I suspect the question is not specifically SPFx, but rather, is there a PeoplePicker and TaxonomyPicker in the UI Fabric Components that can be used. – John Liu Sep 7 '16 at 1:11
  • I am using Office UI Fabric React components for other controls. But, the PeoplePicker is not complete yet and there is no TaxonomyPicker control yet. – user2560429 Sep 8 '16 at 0:16

You can use Taxonomy Picker and People picker as they are available as fully featured npm modules.

npm install @pnp/spfx-controls-react 

After successful installation, use the reference in your web part.

import { TaxonomyPicker, IPickerTerms } from "@pnp/spfx-controls-react/lib/TaxonomyPicker";

Add the control in form as :

  panelTitle="Select Term"
  label="Taxonomy Picker"

Refernce MSDN

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I was referring to using TaxonomyPicker and PeoplePicker client side controls with the new SharePoint Framework. I used the TaxonomyPicker control from Office Dev PnP and managed to get this working.

I had to,

  1. Get the typings for SharePoint JSOM
  2. Load the Office Dev PnP scripts using ModuleLoader
  3. Create a React Component as a wrapper around the TaxonomyPickerControl
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