I am running SharePoint 2013 Standard Edition. I have a custom list that includes three columns:

  • Question type (a choice column with three choices: "Parliamentary question", "Petition" and "Open question")
  • Status (a choice column with two choices: "In progress"and "New")
  • "No. of Parliamentary questions in progress" (a calculated column which I would like to display the number of questions in progress).

If the question type is "Parliamentary question" AND the status is "In progress," I want the "No. of Parliamentary questions in progress" column to display the number of questions in progress at any given time.

I started with the following formula but am unsure how to end it. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

=SUM(IF([Question Type]]="Parliamentary question", [Status]="In progress”) ...?

  • SharePoint is not Excel. Formulas only operate on its own Item, it can't access other Items Commented Sep 3, 2016 at 20:02

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When you try to use this Summation equation to a Calculated Column , I think it does not give you meaning for each row , where each row will have the same number as the following

Quest   Status       No. of Parliamentary questions in progress
Q1      InProgress   2
Q2      InProgress   2

Also , you will face issue with some fields to use it in calculated column . So I suggest to you to Group by your list with Status field and Set the Total to Status count that will show as the following and I think it will match your requirements.

enter image description here

Steps :

  • Go to list setting > at the bottom of page > click on Create a new view
  • Set view name > select the files that you need (Quest - Status)
  • In view GroupBy Section > Select your Status field.
  • In Total > Select Count for Status as shown below.

enter image description here

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