In SharePoint 13 is there a way for me to view every document I have checked out from one location? Thanks

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  • Go to Library setting
  • Create new view
  • Give it a name
  • Click on filter section
  • Select column 'Checked Out To'
  • Select 'Équals to' operator
  • Assign value as [Me]

  • Go to Folders Section

  • Click items without folder
  • Click Save

Now open the library you will be able to see documents checked out to you.


If you have the proper permissions you can see what files are checked out by going to Settings > manage files which have no checked in version on the particular document library.

You can also run a custom report if you are a site admin that allows you to search for your user and check out and check in items. Found under Site Collection Administration> Audit Log reports > Run Custom reports. enter image description here

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