Using SharePoint Online, I have 2 lists: A and B.

There are 2 columns in A: EmpCode, Sum

There are 2 column in B: EmpCode, Number

I want to update Sum in List A with the sum of Number in List B where the same EmpCode when creating an item in List B.

How I can do that with JavaScript?


You can easily achieve this using SharePoint Designer workflow

  1. Add a new workflow and attach it to List B
  2. Inside the workflow store the current item EmpCode & Number into two variables
  3. Next use Read List Item Action and find the item in List A where EmpCode = Varibale EmpCode
  4. As part of step 3 read the Sum and store it in another variable
  5. Now do calculation and add variable sum read from 4 with number
  6. Use an Update List Item action to update the value back in List A
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