What does the term "Meta" stand for in reference to Meta Data within SharePoint 13?

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Meta-Data:- It means data about data. Or more precisely more information about some 'information '.

In context of SharePoint (whether it's 2013) , in general it is information attached to elements. The different type of values entered for an element in a list or library. First we have columns and values present under the columns is known as "Metadata".

For example:

Say a document with name "HrLeavePolicy" is saved with column values such as

Column1 : Purpose

Value : "Leave"


Column2 : Department

Value : "IT"

Now document "HrLeavePolicy" is tagged with metadata 'Leave' and 'IT'.

This metdata is very useful as later users can possibly search the document using metadata 'Leave' and 'IT'.

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    – mohd tahir
    Sep 2, 2016 at 12:51
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    – YogaPanda
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