I am using SharePoint Designer so that I can make copies of a page and reuse it as a template. However the one page I want to use as a template is not showing up in my SharePoint Designer "SitePages" folder. It is showing on the SharePoint site.

Any thoughts as to

  • why this may not be showing ?
  • how I can duplicate the site for the other sites I need to make?

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The problem I was having had to do with how I titled it. I didn't realize that the URL would allow me to include the "&" character, but SharePoint Designer wouldn't read it with that URL. Fixed this issue and it reappeared. Thank you for the help though.


Why may this not be showing ?

It depends on the creation source of your page ,

enter image description here

All pages are not located at site page and it maybe at pages or other document library.

enter image description here

How I can duplicate the site for the other sites I need to make?

If your site is a team site you can go to > site setting > Site Action > Save site as template.

enter image description here

Create a new site > then select your created template at custom section.

enter image description here

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