How to configure the text message SMS notification in Alert Me functionality in SharePoint Online Office 365?

  • This feature is not supported. Probably you try hiding this option from the UI so this won't confuse users. – Amal Hashim Aug 31 '16 at 21:33

As per Microsoft this feature is not supported in SharePoint Online.

Also they are stating they have no plans to built this feature.

Unfortunately SharePoint Online doesn’t support SMS, and we are not planning to undertake such support in the near future. We are, however, working on bringing push notifications on mobile devices. We don’t have any timelines to disclose on this yet.



There is an App (add-in) available in SharePoint App Store : SMS for Office (Send SMS Via SharePoint List) , and Yes it works with SharePoint Online

  • There are zero configurations required from our end (no creating accounts with SMS providers)
  • Install the add-in and you will get a SharePoint list in your site, where you can start sending SMS.
  • For SMS Alerts , you would have to make use of SharePoint Designer workflow to create an list item entry in the SMS List. (You can use the default SharePoint Create a list item action here)
  • A completelist of features is available in the company website here : https://timeparity.com/sms-sharepoint
  • You can also Search for the app directly in SharePoint Store (Office Store), the add-in name is "SMS for Office(SMS via SharePoint List)

Sending SMS From SharePoint


You can take the cheap work around. Send alert to email and the set up email rule to forward it to mobile device.

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