We had earlier developed an event receiver for On Premise 2013 Sharepoint Site. Now the requirement is to migrate that event receiver to Sharepoint Office 365 as a Remote Event Receiver. After complete migration of code using (spsite = properties.Site) and web object is giving error

'Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.EventReceivers.SPRemoteEventProperties' does not contain a definition for 'web' and no extension method 'web' accepting a first argument of type 'Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.EventReceivers.SPRemoteEventProperties' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

Cant we use SP objects on Remote Event Receiver. if not what is a workaround?


You can use only client side API in remote receivers. Mainly below namespaces

using Microsoft.SharePoint.Client;
using Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.EventReceivers;

Then you can follow the pattern of first creating the context object and then loading followed by executeQuery.

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