Where are 'libraries' stored in the database? Is that 'DirName' column in 'AllDocs' table, or something else?

(Doing some king of investigation)

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    Just want to caution you that any change to SharePoint databases might mean that the farm becomes unsupportable by microsoft
    – Sudhakar
    Commented Aug 30, 2016 at 15:31

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To get only libraries name with SQL , You can get it from [WSS_Content] database at [AllLists] Table with [tp_BaseType] = 1 and for list [tp_BaseType] = 0

The final query should be like

SELECT TOP 1000 [tp_Title]  
  FROM [WSS_Content].[dbo].[AllLists] where [tp_BaseType] = 1

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Have a look at this CodePlex solution- you can browse/download the code to get an understanding of how documents are stored in SP2010. (Not applicable for SP2013)



I found the location: libraries are stored in the table '[AllLists]', column 'tp_Title' is the name of the library.


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