Can I use VS 2010 Professional Trial Version for SP 2010 portal application Development ? Currently the customer doesnt have the license of VS 2010 proff. or ultimate editions.

But because of the existing SP 2010 web portal enhancements/changes, i will be forced to do some coding and debugging and deployments. Am looking into this, why should not I use Trial version of these proff or ultimate for few days of development against the SP 2010 environment .

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Looks like, you cant deploy your solution to production. Trail products are only for the internal evaluation.

Here is what it says

TRIAL USE RIGHTS and CONVERSION for Visual Studio 2010 Professional Trial Edition.

If the software is a trial edition, then this Section applies to you. You may install and use any number of copies of the trial software on your devices. You may only use the trial software for internal evaluation purposes. For example, your trial rights do not include the right to deploy or distribute any programs you design or develop with the software for use in a production environment, except that you may deploy your programs internally solely to evaluate the software. You may convert your trial rights at any time to the full rights described in the rest of these license terms by purchasing a commercial license and obtaining a product key from Microsoft or one of its distributors.

You can download the whitepaper from here

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