I have tried the following steps to move a list from root site to subsite.

  • Go to list Setting > Save List as a template and include the contents
  • At sub-site > Add app > create a list from this template

But in the sub-site the list does not contains the information of the lookup fields. I have created the lookup table. Is it possible to move with the lookup information?


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Credit for Possible to save a list template and maintain lookup relationships?


  • Download the "Template.stp" file from "List Templates" after Save.
  • Rename the file and change the extension of the file from ".stp" to ".cab".
  • Once you have the extension as ".cab", extract the "Manifast.xml" file.
  • Get the List ID of newly created .
  • Replace the old value List Id in Lookup of Gender to New List ID
  • After making the changes save the xml file. To recreate a CAB file open "Microsoft Visual Studio". Create a "CAB Project". In this case i have created "Template-Actors".(We can also use makecab.exe instead of visual studio.)
  • Add the file Manifast.xml to the project.
  • Build the cab project. Go to debug\bin folder you will find "Template.cab".
  • Rename the file to "Template-Actors.stp".
  • Upload the file to "List Template".
  • Create a list using new template.
  • The gender selections will now show up.

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