I have created a custom page layout. I want to use content fields in my custom layout. For example, an image field or page content field.

Please give me some advice.

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You should follow the mentioned steps below to create a custom page layout with the required field controls like content field and image field.

  • First of all Specify, the field controls that you need to show within your custom page layout. like content field and image field.
  • Create a site content type.
    • Go to Site Settings > Web Designer Galleries > Site Content Types.

enter image description here

  • Click Create.

enter image description here

  • Under Parent Content Type select Publishing Content Types then Page.
  • Now Click on Add from new site column to create content fields and image fields.
  • Set the name of your columns and Select Full HTML to content field and Image with formatting for Image.
  • Now go to create a Page layout.
    • Site Settings > Design Manager > Click on Create a Page Layout > set the name of your page layout > select your master page > select your content type that you have just created.
  • After the page layout created > Select your custom page layout > and From the above ribbon > select Publish.
  • Now go back to your page that you need to use the custom page layout within it > edit it > select your custom page layout > you should now find the content fields and image fields and other fields that have been created within your custom page layout.

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