I am trying to fetch name alone from people picker in a sharepoint custom list and display it in a gridview- usercontrol. currently Iam getting whole details which include ID and name(eg: 19;# lastname, firstname(company)). But I need name alone. How can I do that. Kindly help me.

Thanks in advance!


I think there is no method to get name alone from a list and display in grid view.

So finally I did by concatenating.

foreach (SPListItem itm in itmcoll)    
     DataRow dr = dt.NewRow();    
     string ProjMangrLogged = Convert.ToString(itm["Project ManagerID"]);
     int start = ProjMangrLogged.IndexOf("#") + 1;  
     int end=ProjMangrLogged.IndexOf("(",start);

     string ProjMangr = ProjMangrLogged.Substring(start, end - start);

     dr["Item Project ManagerID"] = ProjMangr;


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