I have been tasked with changing a sub site name in our SharePoint 2010. The name change was easy, however the top link bar still links to the incorrect name. So I then went to "Top link bar" under "Look and Feel", however the links are different to that of the top link bar. I have attempted to visit look and feel from the main site and all sub sites and I cannot find the main link bar.

edit* If it helps my main menu bar looks like this enter image description here and as soon as I go to [Site Actions] > [Site Settings] it changes to the following enter image description here ...and of course my top link edit only sees the second menu.


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I got there in the end with help from Benny

My different menus were due to a predecessor creating a custom SiteMapProvider for one of the Master pages. This Provider was declared in the web.config in the route of the site. The actual sitemap however was stored on a different drive in the ControlTemplates location...

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\1033

When I editted the top links it would revert to the built in provider and edit links as normal so nothing ever changed.

Morale of the story:- Get sharepoint designer and check the actual xml to see what SiteMapProvider your SiteMapDataSource is using in the Master page.

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