• I am displaying the SharePoint List items based on ID value using JSOM.
  • And among the list columns there is "Hyperlink" column which is showing the value as "[object Object]" when retrieving

Can any one help me how can I get the Description and it's Url for a Hyperlink column using JSOM


Hyperlink is a object. You can get its property by following

For description

listItem.get_item("{column internal name}").get_description()

For Url

listItem.get_item("{column internal name}").get_url()
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  • Just a tip, if they don't have values, the field will return as null value. (listItem.get_item("{column internal name}") != null ) ? listItem.get_item("{column internal name}").get_url() : "" – Anders Aune Aug 24 '16 at 7:02
  • Dear Atish,Thanks for your support .I need combination of both as single value. and I am getting "Error as : The property or field has not been initialized. It has not been requested or the request has not been executed. It may need to be explicitly requested." – MSA Aug 24 '16 at 7:03
  • Yes @AndersAune. OP needs this checking if his field is optional. – Atish Dipongkor - MVP Aug 24 '16 at 7:19
  • You need to load the item before accessing it. Can you share your code so that I can help you more. @MSA – Atish Dipongkor - MVP Aug 24 '16 at 7:21

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