I have a SharePoint 2013 Web Application, where I have configured Anonymous Access. At the Site level, I have enabled Anonymous Access for Lists and Libraries. In one of the Libraries, I have broken the inheritance and Enabled Anonymous Access to View Items. The library has 3 files (2 DOCX and 1 XLSX). Even after doing all this, the library prompts for credentials when accessed. Also, I tried to give anonymous access to a single document and removed the anonymous access from the remaining 2 files. After doing this, when I tried to access the file which allows anonymous access, it still prompts for credentials. Not sure if I am missing something. Can anyone please help?

Note: Though I saw some posts with similar issues, none of them seem to have been answered. Hence I am creating a new post.

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You must grant anonymous access at the Web Application level, in addition to anonymous access for the specific library/items.


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