what are the possible ways to create a custom responsive master page by using frameworks like bootstrap,etc.I am not sure about Device channel in 2013?

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I am in the process of building one at the moment, here are the steps I have followed roughly.

1- I have created a basic html master page in design manager

2- I referenced JQuery, BootStraps etc. in this

3- Using Snippets, I have started building the components I want to see on my master page, I am going by adding BootStrap classes on top of already there.

4- Created my own CSS file, linked this using the Alternate CSS settings on Master Page settings page.

5- Created a page layout to go with it.

All done using SP Designer & SharePoint interface. Hope this helps. Haven't used the Device Channel yet, but I think it's basically changing the master page/styling for different devices..


as ova noted you can develop it yourself or download a codeplex project that someone has done it for you. They use bootstrap and zurb. its for 2013 and for 2010.


or a bit more work:


doing it yourself is a grate way of learning but is complex if your not familiar and takes a long time to make sure you dont lose needed functionality when amending the masterpage.

there is already a discussion on this topic on stackexchange and so far bootstrap to my understanding is one of the best ones out in the market, even google is using it in chrome.

Responsive framework for SharePoint Online 2013

as for device channels that is dependent on requirements. both do same functionality but device channels are mainly used for mobile devices and to target specific functionalities that will give it a different look. So on a mobile device you want them to display small icons and small banners that when clicked opens an app or install their mobile app from the website when clicked on a mobile device using the browser but you want to display normal icons and normal banners or no banners on the desktop version.

device channels have a smaller foot trail as you can have multiple css, layouts and masterpages that only load depending on the device.

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