The same goes for the workflow source files -- every time I open the project or go to the source file, it's indicating (by the asterisk) that the file has been modified. Which means two things:

  • when closing VS, I always get the "Project has been changed, do you want to save changes?" prompt. It's annoying but I can live with that.
  • More importantly though, I cannot debug the workflow because when the debugger is attached, I get the "Cannot modify the file while debugger's running" error prompt.

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I showed a video of this to a Program Manager on the Visual Studio tools team - he agreed it was a bug. Apparently there are no plans to fix it for VS2008, but they checked at the time and apparently it doesn't happen in SP2010/VS2010. Haven't verified this though.


I have experienced the same.

Don't know why it's happening, but I have heard people saying it's a bug.

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