What is the difference between list row size and row size limit in software boundaries anyone can give one example for a list or library in a sharepoint site, we have multiple server farms.

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Row Size Limit: the limit of row size that is 8000 bytes.

Note: Each list or library item can only occupy 8,000 bytes in total in the database. 300 bytes are reserved, leaving 7700 bytes for end-user columns. For details on how much space each kind of field consumes, This is the row size limit as boundary type that is Static limits that cannot be exceeded by design.

List Row Size: the current row size that is the sum of the current columns size.


Consider you have a List item (row) with 2 columns as the following

  • Single line of text (30 bytes as a column size limit),
  • Number (14 bytes a column size limit)

To check column limits check Software boundaries and limits for SharePoint 2013

So based on columns size, the List Row Size = 30 +14 = 44 bytes as rows size

In this case, you still can add additional columns that its total size is less than or equal to the Rows Size Limit that 7700 bytes per row.

See also Comparing List and Library limits in SharePoint 2016 with SharePoint 2013 / 2010 / 2007

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