SharePoint 2013/365

I'm trying to create a "Multiple lines of text" column with the append changes setting. This requires that you have versioning turned on.

What happened to multiple lines of text text format and append changes only settings? is not an answer.

Create multiline text missing append changes choice field

What am I missing?

Versioning is turned on

  • if you create a site column you will have the option 'Append Changes to Existing Text' Best Regards, – user71162 Oct 19 '17 at 14:33

The content will be missing if you are adding this column to a document library or document set. Multi-line text fields act differently in Lists than in Libraries. If you don't get what you want here, you can create a custom list with a multi-line text field to hold the data and link it with a lookup field.

Hope this helps, Mary Smith Greene

  • Very smart idea! It's a shame really because SharePoint used to be such a Swiss Army Knife. Now it's a baseball bat: dumb and blunt. Thank you! – Kristopher Oct 10 '16 at 15:00

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