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I have a document library with versioning, and I am tweaking the view through the UI.

It appears that, right ootb, when we sort by Version it doesn't really sort properly, as it appears to consider "11" like a string and not like the interger 11.

Sounds overkill if I am to create a new, calculated column just for this.

From the query string, I can see that the field being sorted is _UIVersionString so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.


Anyone else experienced this and has any tips?

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I might just be able to update the view through CSOM to make it use "UI Version" field instead of "Version" (Title Name)

enter image description here


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Much to my dissatisfaction, the cleanliest solution I could find was to create a new calculated column, retrieving the integer value of the Version field.

Create a new calculated column using the formula



enter image description here

Apparently, the Version field - also known by it's StaticName _UIVersionString - is of type Text/String, therefore cannot be sorted properly.

There is a field _UIVersion that can in fact be used to sort by version perfectly, however the contents of this field are in a different format, as shown below (something like 512 for each major version). These hidden fields can be added by tweaking the view with CSOM for example.

enter image description here

A quick "workaround" for getting this (manually) would be to replace _UIVersionString in the URL by _UIVersion and use Asc or Desc for sorting order.


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