I have a user who needs to change is name when he opens up mysite and then "my Settings" - the URL is https://XXX/MySite/_layouts/userdisp.aspx

I have checked the user profile and it all seems ok there but not in mySettings.

Any ideas?

Thanks in Advance

  • Check his profile at UPS configuration at central administration – Mohamed El-Qassas MVP Aug 11 '16 at 7:58
  • I stated in my original post that in UPS its correct – naijacoder Aug 11 '16 at 22:06

you can try with creating a new user profile property and Name it with Full Name or so and mark the property as user overridable , then the user can edit the property. As name property in User Profile is default property and is by default it is non overridable.

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  • Thanks Sunil where and how can the user edit it.can u share the url please? – naijacoder Aug 11 '16 at 22:08
  • Have configured mysite for the webapplication? – Sunil Sahu Aug 23 '16 at 11:40

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