I'm looking for a way to configure an alternate access via Internet to the following intranet web applications having HNSCs (host named site collections):

  • https://intranet.contoso.domain

  • https://mysite.contoso.domain

The access should be available with the following behaviour:

  • to intranet: https://internetaccess.contoso.com/intranet

  • to mysite: https://internetaccess.contoso.com/mysite

What are the required configurations both on IIS and on the Alternate Access Mappings? Should I also add something to the existing web application configurations?

It should also be noted that https://internetaccess.contoso.com shouldn't be the entry point to either of the web applications. Instead, to access the sites/pages, should the URLs be in the form of https://internetaccess.contoso.com/intranet/<paths of SharePoint> or https://internetaccess.contoso.com/<paths of SharePoint>.

I've come across this MSDN blog post including the part for "Host Name Site Collections with Multiple URL's and Zones", but I'm unsure whether that applies to my case.

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