we have two dropdown lists in our MOSS portal. I want to remove second item of second dropdown list on 'Page Load', not after selecting it . I tried using javascript but as i am a beginner at scripting so it is not working . So guys is there anyway i can remove that item using css .

The dropdownlist is in a user control (ascx) file . the dropdownlist id is 'drprequest' . can we do it like :


because i googled something similar to this one but i couldnt find anything.

If not can anyone give me the script to remove that item. Please help me friends .

  • is my given solution works for you? – Hardik Aug 11 '16 at 12:23

You can try below CSS code to hide second option from the dropdown with ID drprequest

#drprequest select:nth-child(2) {

It will hide the second child of the dropdown using the CSS.

If you want to hide any other option from dropdown than just change the number accordingly.

  • Is above solution works for you? – Hardik Aug 10 '16 at 12:42

Do you populate dropdown in your ascx.cs file? Try to process data on server-side.


Remove option by its position in select:

$("[id$='drprequest'] option:eq(1)").remove()

Remove option by its value:

$("[id$='drprequest'] option[value='{option_val}']").remove()


[id$='drprequest'] select:nth-child(2) {

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