Scenario: We need to display two different list(custom list) on single page. Both list-view have separate Jslink.

Issue: Let say listview1 and listview2. If i add listview1 and then listview2. Jslink associated with listview2 is called and not the other one and vice-verse.

any pointer will be appreciated

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This is a common problem people run into because both lists, since they are both custom lists, have ListTemplateType: 100 and BaseViewID: 1.

The workaround for this problem, as described in this blog post, is to target your CSR code to different BaseViewIDs, and then (through Javascript) quickly change the BaseViewID of the List View Web Parts just before they are rendered to match what you have specified in your script.

Please see my answer to this other question for some more explanation.


First Add both the List View on page then edit one by one and make sure that you have given right URL of JSLink file in Miscellaneous section of WebPart properties by editing WebPart as show in below:

enter image description here

  • Jslink url are proper, If i add them individually , both are working fine. If added together on same page issue happen as mentioned in my issue section
    – Ravindra
    Aug 10, 2016 at 13:10

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