There is a web application which is built in asp.net webforms with entity framework. Database sqlserver 2008 R2. I need to build a new sharepoint portal which will be using the exisiting database i.e., using its table , views , storedprocedure, user defined table type etc. Can we include entity framework in sharepoint ?

One way i am able to use the external database by using external content type. but it seems it is not serving the purpose. Any suggestion is appreciable !

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I usually separate between custom databases and SharePoint data.

If I have a custom database I don't try to display that in built-in SharePoint views such as list-views etc. I build custom UI - webparts, application pages etc which displays custom database data in ASP.NET or javascript controls. I may also build custom code to display combined data from both SharePoint and a custom database - I get the custom database data e.g. via Entity Framework and the SharePoint data via REST API/CAML queries or some other way and then combine the data in custom code.

Operations in SharePoint data may trigger changes in custom database database - e.g. via Event listeners. User actions in the custom UI may invoke updates in both SharePoint data and custom database data.

Alot of coding ahead with this approach, but I haven't seen any good quick solution except for simple scenarios where External Content Type suffices.

  • Thanks for response. So can we use entity framework with custom code like visual webpart in sharepoint solution via REST API ? can you provide any link if possible ?
    – DebugCode
    Commented Aug 10, 2016 at 11:44
  • I am looking for this possibility as because the from that SP portal i have to fetch and update the data of the external database.
    – DebugCode
    Commented Aug 10, 2016 at 11:50

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