I have a developer subscription for Office 365, where I am trying to set up Office 365 Video service.

On accessing the Office 365 Video site https://TENANT.sharepoint.com/portals/hub/_layouts/15/PointPublishing.aspx?app=video&p=l it throws a blank page.

Also if I try to navigate to the Video Channel Settings of the video portal under SharePoint it doesn't take me anywhere.

enter image description here

enter image description here Is there any SharePoint site/web feature that needs to be activated or is it an issue with the subscription.

Please note I am able to access the settings page from https://TENANT.sharepoint.com/portals/hub/_layouts/15/settings.aspx.

Is there anything I am missing here, because I thought video service came pertty much ready for use. Please note I got the office 365 developer subscription activated in August, 2016.

Update - My permission on the site are as below enter image description here

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