I have a tricky problem with list event handlers (item checking in).. I deployed a site level feature with itemcheckingin event for sharepoint 2010.

If I access the sharepoint site using the url's defined in AAM, then event handlers work fine. But lets say any user uses a different url (by adding an entry to HOSTS file) then sharepoint does not trigger event handlers.

Is there any way to register event handlers regardless of the access url ? or am I doing something wrong while registering / configuring sharepoint ?


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There is a lot of things that don't work when you access SharePoint from a URL not in the AAM. My install actually gives a yellow screen of death when this is done. I don't think accessing SP from a url that's not in AAM is supported in SP.

Just curious, why would a user be using an URL different from what's in the AAM? And why would you want to support this?

An easy way to rid yourself of this is I would turn on host headers for the site in IIS to only include those that are in your AAM.

  • Hello, I don't wanna support this actually. I just want sharepoint to trigger the event handlers no matter what.. enforcing url's via site bindings (host headers for iis7 I guess) seems to be only solution. Thanks!
    – Gokhan B.
    Sep 9, 2011 at 21:33

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