I have a data list for all my SP users (custom list, not the user info list).

There is an added column (look-up field) for their manager, so each user has a direct manager tagged on their 'item' entry.

I also have an InfoPath form for certain requests (ie. travel requests).

How can I assign a task/send an email to the manager of the person who created the request using the user information list and my custom list that includes the manager name/look-up field?

We have about 300 users and managers vary based on location, department, etc. Would love some best practice ideas to help map this workflow out! Should I look at using the Workflow output variable or similar?



The main issue here is related to the value of manager name at the user information list especially if you saved the manager name as display name , and you did not have email column .

In this case, you can use people and group field at your custom field instead of this lookup field of user information list.

or if you store email of the manager in user information list. you can get it in a workflow as the following

  • add action to send emails.
  • click on these users.
  • click on to.
  • select workflow lookup for use.
  • add .
  • at lookup for a person or group ,
  • select data source user information list.
  • the field from source is the email.
  • and at find fields select the manager name at user information list .

enter image description here

  • click at function button and select current item > select the manager name lookup field (in my case is Title) at your custom field.

enter image description here

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