What permissions do I need to enable to allow public browsing to my on-Premises SharePoint Website?

I built it, MasterPage and all and now I need to be able to browse it from other computers...if even to start with other network computers.

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As I understand from your question you need to publish your SharePoint site to the internet that requires a cooperation with your system / network administrator and SharePoint site administrator, it's not only permission settings as you think.

So I tried to list the main steps that help you To make SharePoint accessible from the Internet,

  • A public IP address accessible from the Internet.
  • Create an A-record in your DNS for your domain name for what you want that points to your public IP address.
  • Set your firewall to port forward Port 80 to your internal server running SharePoint.
  • Configure Alternate Access Mappings to the match the A-record you created. check also how to configure Alternate Access Mapping inside SharePoint Server 2013
  • Set the authentication provider to anonymous or claims based on your requirement

See also similar thread SharePoint 2013 on Internet

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